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We believe that church should be a place where close encounters with God can occur. We have a relaxed atmosphere where most people feel comfortable. We are blessed with a very talented and gifted Praise Team that leads our worship each Sunday. We believe you will enjoy your time with us and be challenged to live a Biblical lifestyle. You may even meet some people who could become your best friends as you get to know them. We’re open every Sunday for our 10:00am service with small groups starting at 11:00am. So take an hour or so in the next week or two and check us you. We think you will be glad you did!


Plain and Simple -

Our mission is introducing people to Jesus, helping them grow in their walk with Him, and finding a place to touch and serve people using their particular gifts and talents.

Come be a part of our mission as we walk through life together!


We believe the Bible is God’s Word and is applicable to all of life. Through the Bible we learn about God and how He wants to relate to us; His children. We learn in the Bible that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life and we get to have a relationship with God through His finished work on the cross and resurrection.


We are part of a 175 year old  denomination that was founded on living a Biblical lifestyle and abolition of slavery. Based on this heritage we want to live as God instructs us in His Word and be involved in the social issues of the day - including protecting the lives of the unborn and helping people with daily challenges they may face.


We know that sometimes it's not easy to be a truly committed follower of Jesus Christ. It takes a completely committed relationship with our Lord and Savior that starts with a daily walk with Him. Watch Kim's testimony and learn what it means to me more than just a fan.

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